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Our Approach

Traditional schools, working in a classroom setting, must teach from curriculum with its broadest brush, to meet many levels of students' needs.  For advanced or challenged students, this can leave them bored or falling behind, struggling to keep pace.

At EYC Academy, our team takes the time to know your child and family so we can connect you with resources and partner to help you advocate for your child's success.  We are the only school that offers a unique approach of one-to-one instruction (offered in-center or online through a virtual classroom) which fully individualizes the learning process.  Our network also includes physical and emotional therapists to help your family beyond the walls of school.

Students With Learning Difficulties

Many middle and high school students struggle in a traditional educational environment.  Larger class sizes, social pressures, bullying are all factors that lead students having learning disabilities or challenges to feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation and exclusion.  EYC Academy offers a safe, comfortable environment where students can feel supported and listened to.  Our unique One-Teacher, One-Student approach along with customized learning plans allow students to work at their own pace.  State approved curriculum ensures students learn what is needed to graduate and take the next step in their lives.  By partnering with innovative therapeutic partners, EYC Academy gives families all of the services students need under one roof---or even through our Virtual Academy, with live on-line instructors.

Students Struggling in Traditional School Settings

Focused, step-by-step support to help students gain confidence and advance when they are ready.  The teachers at EYC Academy have the ability to customize the learning plan for each student and can adapt their teaching approach to each student's learning style.

Students Needing a More Flexible Schedule

Flexible instruction for students with unique academic and/or personal circumstances.

Students Aspiring to Advance

College-level courses and customized programs for gifted students and those seeking a greater challenge.

Performers & Athletes

Flexibility to work around the commitments of musicians, actors, models and dancers, as well as competition schedules with NCAA-approved courses.

Homeschooled Students

Supports for families who are home-schooling or transitioning out of a home-school situation.  We partner with families to give their children options to learn in a semi-social environment or through our Virtual Academy to work with live teachers on-line.

What We Offer

Full Time and Dual Enrollment

Full-time College Track Educational Program: Six-course program (12 semesters)

Full-time Essentials Program: Five-course program (10 semesters)

Concurrent Enrollment Program: Three-course program (6 semesters)

LD and Gifted Testing Services

Students who are gifted or who suffer from learning disabilities or ADHD often struggle in school. When this happens, it’s important to find out why. Aided by a professional school psychologist and an educational examiner, we provide prompt, formal assessments designed to pinpoint the reasons behind a struggle and formulate a coaching strategy that helps these students successfully deal with demands of school. We also partner closely with families and schools to ensure that all students are receiving the necessary accommodations.

Virtual Online Classroom and Tutoring

Our one-to-one approach extends to private tutoring services outside of your child’s regular educational schedule offering flexible scheduling in-center or online through EYC Academy's Virtual Classroom where a live teacher work with students to build rapport and instill confidence, focusing on their individual needs in all content areas. In addition to tutoring, many of our students may benefit from academic coaching when it comes to study skills, test-taking skills, organization and more.

Social Skills & Small Group Classes

Life for today's teens is more challenging than ever with dealing with self-esteem issues, bullying, social media pressures, family relational struggles, academic and sports performance stress.  Our therapists offer small group classes where teens can learn coping techniques and how to cope with social interactions and relationships.   

Educational Therapies & Counseling

Many middle and high school students struggle in a traditional educational environment.  Larger class sizes, social pressures, bullying, ADHD, autism spectrum, anxiety and depression can all lead to feelings of isolation and exclusion.  Our professional instructors and therapists specialize in treatments designed to handle these issues in a safe, comfortable place where students can feel supported and listened to so that the learning process can be successful.   Both individual and small group sessions allow students to gain the psychological and emotional strength to meet life’s challenges.

School Advocacy

Our personalized educational consulting and advocacy services are helpful for parents who aren’t sure of exactly what their children’s needs are or how to address them in school. We will meet with parents to help them prepare for school meetings by arming them with the right questions to ask their educators. We even accompany them to meetings on a frequent basis to ensure their children’s special needs are met and that all parties are working together to achieve desired goals.

Test Prep

Whether your student is testing to get into the private high school of their choice, to go into a career or the military, the teachers at EYC Academy can help. Our individualized approach helps to build the skills, confidence and momentum students need to achieve success, no matter what their post-graduation plans. We start by assessing the students’ strengths and weaknesses and designing a specific plan to teach skills, strategies and content, while monitoring progress and communicating with parents throughout the duration of the program.



Homeschooling Partnerships

EYC Academy partners with homeschooling families, as well as those who are transitioning out of a homeschool situation to ensure maximum success. Most of EYC Academy instruction is done in a one-to-one setting, allowing maximum flexibility to coordinate with the parent on scheduling, curriculum choice.  We also offer small group interactive instruction to allow students to have collaborative discussions amongst peers.


EYC helped my child with struggles in Algebra to successfully complete needed credits to compete as an athlete. The staff has been very supportive and provided a comfortable learning environment. Thank you EYC!

Jereme Lukoskie

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Aaron Babaa

We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with EYC. Their approach is quite unique, but it works well, and I love the fact that they support students from all walks of life, with different skill levels and backgrounds.