A Personalized Partnership

Working together to find every student’s unique path of learning

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Empowering Youth and Communities Inc. is a 501c3 organization (dba EYC Academy of St Louis) and was founded in 2018 by a group of educators with 75+ years of combined experience in education as previous administrators in special education, local alternative schools, and supplemental educational business.

EYC Academy is a non-public school, approved by Missouri DESE and is globally accredited through Cognia Global Commission (formerly AdvancEd). Serving the St. Louis, MO metro area, EYC Academy offers a one-to- one blended, in center and digital learning environment to day school students 6th-12th grade. Because our nationally approved curriculum is digital and our teachers can teach virtually, this allows us to deliver services anytime, anywhere across the globe. Enrollment is on-going and can be full-time or part-time. Other services offered include therapeutic services that can be scheduled during the school day, as well as cognitive and academic assessments, school advocacy, one-to-one tutoring for all ages and subjects either in-center, virtually or combined, college planning and application assistance, test-prep and proctoring, and national diploma and career certificate programs.


At EYC Academy, we realize that every student’s journey is different, and learning isn’t one-size-fits all.

We meet our students where they are and take them where they want to be by using a holistic approach and personalizing a solution that best fits their needs. Our students come to us for many reasons — from students with learning challenges, illness, academic and emotional trauma, mental health issues, to students simply needing a flexible schedule and a self-paced school option — and no matter what the reason, there are many ways we can help students find their unique paths success.

We work in partnership with families and schools, navigating an array of learning environments together. But it goes beyond academics. Our wraparound services support the full student. We help align additional resources, such as counseling or therapy, should a student need it.

Every student — no matter their age, background, or circumstance — has a place at EYC Academy. and creating a safe space for them to learn is our main priority. Taking a different path to learning shouldn’t carry any stigma, for students or for parents, and we’re working to change that. Every student’s path to success is different but that doesn’t mean they should have to walk it alone.


EYC Academy provides a highly personalized learning environment which fosters critical thinking, cultivates individual potential, inspires confidence, and prepares students to be productive members of their communities.


Empowering students to define their own success.


Trust among all stakeholders is vital. Expectations influence accomplishments. A school- community partnership is essential. Change creates opportunity. High-performing leadership makes visions reality.

A Personalized Approach to
Non-Traditional School and

Academic Tutoring

Education is no longer one-size-fits-all, in fact, the most successful schools take an individualized approach to learning based on a child’s educational needs. Today, navigating the educational landscape and making the best school choice for a child can seem difficult, add in any additional challenges like social anxiety, learning disabilities or report card issues, and it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help.

EYC Academy is an accredited school in the St. Louis region, providing a safe and supportive environment.

Created by a team of experienced educators, we opened our doors in 2018 to bring an array of educational experiences to students, from certificate and supplemental education services to more in-depth options to help your learner thrive in the classroom. In doing so, we have created a blended learning program using on-site and live online tutoring and learning platforms. Our model aims to meet the educational needs of every student by incorporate technology into a personalized learning experience for each student.

Flexible Virtual and On-Site Learning
Building Intentional Community

We provide both in-person educational support and virtual learning options for our families, making us a flexible option to meet your child’s educational needs.

What sets our virtual learning options apart from others is our highly qualified private teachers, academic coaches and tutors who provide one-to-one or small group instruction that can occur anytime and anywhere. Our digital curriculum offers support for many learning styles, with features that include visual and auditory accommodations, flexibility and relevant instruction.

School is more than just classes and curriculum, so EYC has created a school community based on mutual respect and trust. Our teaching approach — which includes emotional and learning support, and educational advocacy — allows our educators to work with students 1:1 and in collaborative settings so that they develop the personal skills they need to succeed in learning and life. We also build community in a variety of locations whether it be at a students’ home, our campus or online.

Hear from Our Community

Approved Private Agencies with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) are described in the Missouri State Plan for Special Education, Regulation XIV. DESE approval to function as an approved private agency allows IEP teams in local school districts to consider placing a student in our program when the student’s educational needs can no longer be met in a less restrictive educational placement at the local school district.