Our Approach


Are you failing school or has school failed you? Do you feel bullied, ignored, isolated? Are you struggling with subjects, afraid to ask questions, waiting for the day to end? Are you missing school or failing classes? Feeling hopeless or lost? You are not alone.  Put failure in the rear view mirror and let yourself find success at  EYC Academy. 

The Future of Education is One-to-One Instruction 


Our one teacher, one student program, supports students in preparation for college and a successful future. 

  1. Full and half day programs
  2. One-to-one instruction in-center or through our virtual classroom (online)
  3. Earn middle and high school credit and AP courses
  4. Private tutoring and college planning
  5. Test prep and proctoring (ACT,SAT. HiSet/GED and private school testing)
  6. Social skills classes
  7. School advocacy, theraputic services, cognitive and academic testing
  8. Summer Sensory Camps for art and writing
  9. After school academic support

Our school is designed to support students from 6th through 12 grade. We work closely with students who need a more personalised school or tutoring. Our approach supports students struggling with learning challenges. We help students working to advance more quickly. We offer flexible scheduling for day, evening and weekend hours.