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Through their Educational Advocacy Consulting EYC helps parents navigate the many conversations they need to have with their child’s teachers and school administrators to get them the help that they need. With over 50 years of combined experience, our administrative faculty works as educational advocates to parents who are trying to determine the best next step for their student.

We discuss topics such as:

What is an educational evaluation and does my student need one?
How do I request an educational assessment or reassessment?
Should the educational assessment be performed by the public school system or a private
What is an “IEP” and 504 Plan and what are the steps in the process?
What are accommodations and modifications?
How do I access academic support if my child attends a private school?
All students are unique learners, and our educational Advocacy Consulting Services can help you feel confident in your ability to navigate your child’s educational journey and help you know the questions to ask your teacher during parent-teacher conferences.

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