Educational Programs

At EYC Academy, we meet our students where they are for their educational needs.

Educational Services

The team at EYC Academy realizes that education is not one-size-fits-all and that families need flexibility as needs change. That’s why we have created a program personalized to every learner. Through in-person, part-time or full-time learning, in a face-to-face setting, or across the screen in a virtual classroom, students get the support and encouragement they need to succeed.
We support your child’s personalized learning with:

  • Assessments: Identifying areas of need and regularly measuring student success in core subjects.
  • Specialized Programs: We develop sequences of courses and content that are based on your child’s progress, development and understanding of the material, and aligned with state and Common Core standards.
  • Innovative Classrooms: Our technology-enhanced tools to promote critical thinking and our Intuitive and interactive virtual learning platforms meet students where they are.
  • Check-ins: We use tools that help effectively monitor students’ progress and provide regular updates to help parents understand their evolving educational needs and become their educational advocates at school.

Courses at EYC Academy are offered at multiple levels: Foundation, Original Credit, Honors and AP (Advanced Placement), as well as Remediation and Credit Recovery. Our courses consist of education assessments that allow learners to move past content they have already mastered and focus on the concepts that need additional attention.

Full & Part-Time Educational Programs

Our engaging learning approach provides course flexibility, offering over 400 courses in a broad range of core subjects, Career and Technical Education, World Languages and Advanced Placement coursework. We give students in-depth educational needs to help with everything from recovery requirements to gaining specialized certification.

Dual Enrollment Program

This program is designed to work with your student’s current school to provide supplemental education. They can take three classes at EYC and the rest at their home school district. Whether your child needs fewer classes than a traditional route or needs to work with us for only a portion of their day, our team can’t wait to help you find the right balance based on your child’s educational needs.

On-Site or Virtual Tutoring

Students may attend tutoring on-site, meeting face-to-face with tutors, or they may participate in live virtual classrooms. Our virtual education platform is accessible from any computer or device with internet connection, providing students with the flexibility to meet with a tutor, private teacher or academic coach wherever and whenever is best for them.

National Diploma & Career Certificates

Many students fall just short of earning a high school diploma whether it be because of bad report cards, falling behind, personal or familial problems at home, or any number of other factors. Our tutors can help these learners complete a high-school diploma certificate program that is self-paced, personalized and flexible. Acquiring a National Diploma or GED offers the opportunity to attend vocational schools, technical schools and colleges, or to begin a new career path.

Test Prep

Our one-to-one approach extends to private tutoring services outside of your child’s regular educational schedule. We offer flexible options both in-person at our facility and with a live tutor online in our virtual classrooms to help students with test preparation for the GED, SAT, ACT or other college entrance exams.

Home School Options

We partner with families in many ways, from providing curriculum only with the legacy Calvert Learning Program to integrating a blend of at-home and onsite learning for socialization and collaboration.mWe can provide a qualified private teacher to work with students in an online classroom or virtual learning environment to make sure they are meeting their educational needs.

Learning Disability and Special Needs Support

Many students require additional support due to disabilities and special needs, and we are committed to helping these students receive the supplemental services they need to get the education they deserve by catering education plans to their unique abilities.

Cognitive & Academic Assessments

Understanding the ways in which students learn is fundamental to excellent instruction. Cognitive and academic assessments offer valuable insight into each student’s individual strengths and areas of concern. EYC partners with licensed professionals who provide a comprehensive educational evaluation. Additionally, our tutors can also pinpoint specific additional academic needs in reading, language arts and math through our virtual assessment program.

Josh – 8th grade

I came to EYC because I was not understanding a lot of things at my other school. EYC has helped me understand my classes so much more, especially math and Spanish. I have been really successful here and I learned that I am good at art.


John – 10th grade

Before I came to EYC, the world seemed very complex. I had a hard time with some subjects. Now I am learning better in most of my classes because I am more focused. The one-on-one format is more suited to the way I learn best.


Julia – 10th grade

I came to EYC because my other school options (private school and homeschooling) haven’t worked for me. This school has a great environment. It is relaxed and not stressful. I love that there is no homework!


Parshall – 10th grade

 I was really struggling at my last school. EYC has an environment that is very supportive and understanding about the way my mind works. I like that I feel comfortable and relaxed here.


Empowering Youth and Communities Inc. is a 501c3 organization (dba EYC Academy of St Louis) and was founded in 2018 by a group of educators with 75+ years of combined experience in education as previous administrators in special education, local alternative schools, and supplemental educational business.

EYC Academy is a non-public school, approved by Missouri DESE and is globally accredited through Cognia Global Commission (formerly AdvancEd). Serving the St. Louis, MO metro area, EYC Academy offers a one-to- one blended, in center and digital learning environment to day school students 6th-12th grade. Because our nationally approved curriculum is digital and our teachers can teach virtually, this allows us to deliver services anytime, anywhere across the globe. Enrollment is on-going and can be full-time or part-time. Other services offered include therapeutic services that can be scheduled during the school day, as well as cognitive and academic assessments, school advocacy, one-to-one tutoring for all ages and subjects either in-center, virtually or combined, college planning and application assistance, test-prep and proctoring, and national diploma and career certificate programs.