Brian Chervitz

Social Studies and History Teacher

Brian is a graduate of University of Missouri-Columbia in the Secondary Social Studies Education program and received a master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After teaching high school social studies in both Missouri and Minnesota, he transitioned to a position in instructional design, where he leveraged skills in instruction and curriculum to benefit students across numerous online courses.

Brian is passionate about teaching and learning, curriculum, equity in education, inclusion, and diversity in online education, competency-based learning, gamification, and micro-learning.  Brian has published papers including a chapter in an anthology entitled Marking the Invisible: Articulating Whiteness in Social Studies Education and Research in 2020. He engages in other activist work to pursue a vision of educational justice, particularly along the axes of race, gender, and sexuality.  In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and baking, playing with his cats, and reading.