Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

My child is bored in his advanced classes. How can his enrichment needs be met?

Our EYC team’s approach to the unmet needs of high-achieving students is dual: first, to engage them by providing unique, challenging content and second, by a tailored, personalized curriculum for each student.

What resources can you offer to children who need to catch up on curriculum?

Our team supports a holistic approach for students and family needs. We blend academic and therapeutic interventions, including: nature, music, art, support dogs and personalized counseling. Thus, the total student is engaged.

How can EYC prepare my child for the academic challenges of college and adulthood?

We empower each student by providing a customized program that instills confidence and helps develop individual skills. This reveals the students’ innate talents and builds their ability to “go places” whether career, college or military.