Private Education for Grades 6-12

The Academy at EYC is our core school program. We are proud of the unique experience that our program provides. Though it is not necessarily a traditional school, EYC Academy is just that — an academy providing excellent educational services to our students. Our accredited school’s engaging learning approach provides unparalleled course flexibility, offering over 400 courses (275 of which are MOCAP approved) in a broad range of core subjects, Career and Technical Education, World Languages and Advanced Placement coursework. These courses are designed to help a variety of learners, from students with learning disabilities, to students needing help with grades, to students wanting to receive their GED or other certification.

We offer accelerated math and English language arts mini courses that are directly aligned to Missouri standards and are upheld by our accreditation standard. These five-to-nine week courses provide students with the skills they need to succeed in their high school math and English language arts courses. This can help students in credit recovery, improving bad report cards or simply getting ahead.

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