Catch Up or Get Ahead

EYC SUMMER ACADEMY is a great option for students who need to recover credits or build on skills and learn new ones. We offer personalized tutoring on-site or virtually for students of all ages with the help of certified teachers. 



Summer Programs Offer
Over 300 K-12 Online Courses Including:
World Languages • Electives • Advanced Placement • College and Career Readiness

Including Personal Support from Certified Teachers

Instructors communicate with students and families
via phone, email, text, and live tutoring sessions.

Earn and Recover Credits

If your middle or high school student needs to recover a grade, unit, or credit, or if they want to earn an Advanced Placement (AP) course for their school transcript, we have a full catalog of core and elective courses available.

  • Stay on track to graduation for making up credits
  • Earn an Advanced Placement (AP) for college readiness
  • Prepare for college, trade school or military standardized tests and get help with college applications and essays

Cost: $3050 per full credit. $1500 half credit, includes transcript transfer

Target and Fill Learning Gaps

If your K–12 student needs to fill in gaps or accelerate toward grade-level readiness, our individualized learning paths will meet students where they are and propel them forward with instruction developed just for them, so they are better prepared to start the new school year in the fall.

  • Assess specific learning strengths, needs, and where students are ready to learn
  • Follow a prescribed learning path that adapts in real time based on needs
  • Students earn rewards and monitor their own progress every step of the way and engage with certified teachers and tutors who will support and build students’ confidence

Cost: $360 per week for meeting on-site or virtually 3 days/week

Schedule: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Choosing best time slot from 9am-11am, 11am-1pm, or 1pm-3pm

College and Career Readiness and TEST-PREP

Our college counseling teachers can help your student prepare for their next ACT or SAT for college testing, or ASVAB for military careers, or SSAT’s for private school applications and more!

  • We will start with practise tests and create a personalized approach to a Test-Prep course
  • Families can create a flexible schedule to work with teachers on-site or virtually
  • Students have a pacing guide to help keep them on track and state certified teachers will be available to help answer questions and keep them motivated
  • Continuous practise tests availble to monitor increased scores
  • Teachers can help students with college and trade school applications and help them with any writing components, such as college essays

Cost: $1600 for 20 hour course, plus practise tests and test analysis by certified teacher

Find a New Interest or Hobby

Your student can choose from a course catalog of over 300 rigorous and engaging courses such as STEM, Photography, Languages & More!

  • Engaging online content can be accessed from any computer with internet access
  • Students learn at their pace and from the place that best suits them
  • Students have a pacing guide to help keep them on track and state certified teachers will be available to help answer questions and keep
    them motivated.

Cost: $395 per online only course subject


Virtual Classroom tools include: adjustable print size, highlighter, color coding, reference sheets, text-to-speech technology, volume control, and a session for playback tool.

Students can work with a tutor anytime and anywhere they have access to a computer with an internet connection. Rolling enrollment all summer!