On-site or Online Tutoring Solutions

EYC tutoring provides supplemental education services, test preparation and homework support to K-12 students struggling in the classroom.

We know that learning in a traditional classroom isn’t easy for every student. Our one-to-one approach extends to private tutoring services outside of your child’s regular educational schedule. We’re here to meet your child where they are and help them thrive in the classroom.

Why parents pick EYC for tutoring support:

  • Their child is experiencing social anxiety, a learning disability or received a bad report card
  • After school on-site academic tutoring is a better fit for their student
  • Live virtual learning sessions are easier for their busy family schedule
  • All lessons are provided by experienced tutors
  • EYC offers personalized instruction to support a variety of learning styles and disabilities
  • Test prep tutoring focuses on their student’s individual post- graduation plans

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