Riley’s Robots | EYC Academy School Spotlight (Jan 2024)

Jan 19, 2024

At the end of the semester, Riley F. was finishing up her Robotics course here at EYC Academy. She was so excited by the content in this course, and her passion shown in her projects utilizing coding and circuitry. As her skills progressed, she was able to wire lights to turn on and off, or even flash, using her own equipment. For the end of the semester, Science Teacher Jennifer Bolla brought in a big challenge for Riley to tackle.

When Riley saw the dragon robot that she was going to construct, “she was overjoyed with putting it together,” Jennifer said. Riley immediately got to work, becoming intensely focused on the project. Jennifer was “pleased to see the total engagement.” Riley finished building the complex dragon (with hundreds of parts!) in just a couple days. She decided to name the robot Mushu, after the dragon in the Disney movie, Mulan.

There were a few challenges, however. Two parts in the dragon didn’t work as they were supposed to. The robotic dragon was supposed to flap its wings, but when Riley hit the on switch, nothing happened. Despite the disappointment, Jennifer and Riley began to dissect the problem, and later on found that the switch to turn on the dragon was broken.

Still, Riley loved her project! During winter break, she received a second robot to complete as a holiday present. On the first day of school of the spring semester, Riley brought in her new robotic unicorn to show Jennifer and the other teachers at EYC. This robot had all working parts and turned on just fine!

We’re proud of Riley’s work, her passion, and her resilience!