Hands On Projects | EYC Academy School Spotlight (Mar 2024)

Mar 14, 2024

Electives Teacher Amanda Davis has only been in the school a couple months, but she is already having a huge impact on the school! She is challenging her students to apply their knowledge in interesting and fun ways across the courses she teaches. “They literally said it doesn’t feel like school,” Amanda said about her students using their knowledge to construct something, practice their skills, and even cook delicious cake. “I’m having so much fun,” is the best thing Amanda hears during her classes.

Amanda was impressed by how hard the students worked on their projects. When students feel like their work is meaningful and can be shared with others in an authentic way, we see their motivation skyrocket. Amanda witnessed that firsthand.

Brooke E.’s Cosmetology Midterm

This semester, Brooke has been working diligently on her cosmetology class, but there is only so much she can practice online. Amanda challenged her to plan and design a new look for Amanda herself! Using eyeliner, mascara, hair clips, and an eye for design, Brooke (with the help of her friends, too!) gave Amanda a makeover to show off her new skills!



Rae K.’s 3D Printed Heart

Rae is an incredibly creative student. He loves his art class and works on crafts and projects at home in his free time. So it was only natural that for his health class assignment about the parts of the human heart, he made a 3D printed replica of a heart! He even painted the different ventricles in different colors to make them stand out. In addition, he created a small poster board to accompany the model that explained the parts and their functions.

Amanda was blown away by how professional the model looked. “What I am most proud of is how proud they are of their work,” Amanda said of her students. And Rae should be extremely proud of his work!

Lily L.’s EYC Cake

This is Lily’s second semester of culinary arts, and she has recently demonstrated her skills by making a red velvet cake, decorated with the EYC Academy logo! Lily used her knowledge to take a normal box of cake mix, add different ingredients to improve the taste and texture, and then created her own icing–in different colors!–to decorate the cake. With some leftover batter, she also made a few extra cupcakes, too.

“I loved seeing other students getting involved,” while Lily baked and decorated her cake and cupcakes in the kitchen. She invited her friends to contribute. “They were taking pictures, helping to decorate, and of course test-tasting.” Everyone raved about the cakes after they got a slice during lunch.