Winter Wonderland | EYC Student Art of the Month (Dec 2023)

Dec 12, 2023

Winter has been showing up in bits and pieces around our school this month! Our art room has snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, the Northern Lights adorn the walls, and the white board has a cozy fireplace scene created by a couple of our students, Maddy A. and Kylie G.

In art class, students have embarked on a creative journey, led by Art Teacher Terry Neal, using various mediums to bring winter to life inside the school. One of the standout projects has been the creation of exquisite snowflakes.

Snowflakes that Sparkle

Using paper, glitter paint, or clay, students have been making snowflakes as unique as they are! The art room has transformed into a winter wonderland, with snowflakes suspended from the ceiling, catching the light and glittering around the room. Clay snowflakes have been molded and are drying on the countertops, as well, in many different shapes.

Northern Lights Chalk Pastels

The art projects extend beyond snowflakes, with students creating their own versions of the Northern Lights onto paper, using chalk pastels. The students used torn paper to replicate the random directions of the lights, then used the chalk pastels to create the lights that moved throughout the background. Finally, to complete their work, they used black and white chalk pastels to create snow-covered landscapes and trees.

Whiteboard Fireside Scene

Adding a touch of coziness to the artistic showcase, Maddy A. and Kylie G. collaborated to bring a comforting fireside scene to life on the whiteboard. It was a lovely moment, inviting everyone to enjoy a moment of coziness in the large room in the school.

These art projects not only celebrate the beauty of a winter motif but also serve as a testament to the creativity and collaborative spirit of our students. As we wander through the halls adorned with snowflakes and the Northern Lights, we are reminded how amazing our students are!