Watercolors and Mardi Gras Masks | EYC Student Art of the Month (Feb 2024)

Feb 12, 2024

Digital Art

Terry’s art students have been busy this month, both learning about digital art and physical art, as well as preparing the school’s yearbook. Mikey S. has been learning all the tools in Adobe Photoshop, such as creating projects using double exposure, reflections, and manipulating text in a photo. He loves learning about the digital tools available to him and has been making some incredible pieces!

Watercolor Painting

Other students, like Brooke E. and Emily L. have been using watercolors to create beautiful works about nature. Emily L. drew a seahorse with a Sharpie marker and then created an amazing background with watercolor and a bit of salt for texture. The result looked like the surface of water viewed from below. Brooke E. has been working on a watercolor monarch butterfly on a flower, using different watercolor techniques throughout the piece.

Mardi Gras Masks

Our Mardi Gras masks were a huge hit this year! We sketched out designs on the masks, painted them diligently, and even embellished them with rhinestones, feathers, and glitter. The students loved creating their masks and each one shows a style unique to each student! Some students even spent their free time between classes or during lunch finishing up their masks. Stay tuned for when the masks are completely done for more photos!

2023-2024 Yearbook Progress

The students chose “Reaching for the Stars” as the theme for this year’s yearbook. The yearbook class has been busy taking photos of teachers and students, as well as various class activities. If your student is 100% virtual, they are more than welcome to send in a photo to be included in the yearbook. Please email us on how to send a picture! The students are also becoming experts in Adobe Illustrator as they learn how to create several art elements they will utilize on the yearbook pages, such as headers, frames, and our own special clip art that highlights our theme. The students are also learning about different file formats and how they are used to create the yearbook.