Winter Art Projects | EYC Student Art of the Month (Jan 2024)

Jan 19, 2024

Students have been in a flurry this winter learning new styles of art and photography. Art Teacher Terry Neal has been challenging students to be creative in new ways as they finished up last semester and began this new one.

Block Printing

One example of students’ creativity is creating their own block prints! The block printing project began with students planning their drawings first. The students then placed that drawing on a small sheet of styrofoam and traced it making the impression of that drawing onto the styrofoam. Terry and her students then rolled out the block printing ink on a separate sheet of wax paper with a brayer roller. Once the brayer had enough ink, the students rolled their styrofoam sheet with that ink. We then took a sheet of paper and placed it on top of the inked styrofoam. At this point the paper was rolled with a clean brayer tool to get the ink to adhere from the styrofoam to the paper. This process was made to mimic the old process of block printing. The students explored with different color inks as well as papers.

Photography Challenges

For the photography students, Terry provided weekly scavenger hunts that challenged their creativity and thinking! “Oh my, the photography scavenger hunt was a lot of fun for the students!” Terry said. They were given a sheet of paper with written clues of objects or teachers in the building and they had to unravel those clues. As they walked through the building they would shoot photos of what they believed was the answer. The clues were written in riddles so the students had several laughs figuring out what the actual objects to photograph were. When they finished the students and Terry gathered together and shared the photos.

Watercolor Painting

The most recent project begun in the art room is using watercolors to create a portrait of a seahorse. The students first sketched out their seahorse with a pencil and sharpie on watercolor paper. Next they began painting with watercolor. Once they had the painting complete, before the watercolor dried, they sprinkled table salt throughout the painting. Terry and the students then took a Q-tip and dipped it in rubbing alcohol, dabbing it in several areas of their painting. These two effects gave an added texture and mood of the ocean bubbles for the background of the portrait. When the students see the effect salt has on the watercolor Terry says she always gets an “oh that’s cool” reaction! The salt reacts with the watercolor to spread it and give the illusion of ocean bubbles. The rubbing alcohol makes a slightly bigger bubble effect. It’s always great to use science in art projects! The students completed their painting with added touches of sea grass and even star fish drawn with oil pastel.

We cannot wait to see what Terry and her students create as they build their skills and become more confident in their creativity.