Scream Portraits | EYC Student Art of the Month (Oct 2023)

Oct 30, 2023

A Scream portrait by Lily L. (Freshman)

In the spirit of October, our students have been hard at work crafting eerie and spooky artwork under the guidance of our art teacher, Terry Neal. Between sketches of ghosts and creepy paintings, the students worked on one project they could really see themselves in. Literally.

In a form of self-portrait, students took selfies of themselves recreating the famous pose of ‘The Scream,’ the 1893 painting by Edvard Munch. It was a goofy pose that some students were hesitant to take at first. But when they saw that even their teachers had done it, they embraced their silly side, too!

The Scream portraits created by our students use a mix of mediums, including printed photographs, which were digitally edited to create black-and-white outlines of a selfie. The backgrounds were created using liquid watercolor, sponge brushes, and salt. What we love about these portraits is how unique each one is! Each student really put some of their personality into the art.

Now, the Scream portraits are hanging in our art room, where they give off a fun and creepy vibe that’s perfect for the Halloween season. But those portraits aren’t the only spooky pieces of art created by our students.

Mixed into the art created in previous months, like peaceful sunsets, frogs, and bridges, specters and demons haunt the wall! While these pieces of art look complex and deep, they were often created in just a matter of days using a few different simple techniques.

Our teachers love stopping by the art room when they get a chance to see what the students are working on. And the spooky vibes this month have been so fun to see!

Below are some more pieces of spooky art created by our students:

A ghost painting by Maddy A. (Sophomore)

A Scream portrait by Nic A. (Sophomore)

A Scream portrait by Drew S. (Senior)

An extra scary Scream portrait by Maddy A. (Sophomore)

A Scream portrait by Mikey S. (Senior)

A Scream portrait by Emily L. (7th Grade)