Everlost: The Board Game | EYC Student Project of the Month (Apr 2024)

Apr 25, 2024

For her English class, Emily L. went above and beyond to create something incredible. She read the novel Everlost by Neal Shusterman and decided that to show off her understanding of the novel, she would make a board game! Every element of the board game, from the mechanics to the mini-games an the decorations are based on specific details from the book. Everything is there for a reason.

The game follows the same journey as the main characters, through five distinct scenes with their own settings, while being chased by the main antagonist of the book. Emily and her teacher Brian Chervitz brainstormed for a couple of weeks about what the game might include, what it could look like, and how to convert a novel into a playable experience. They looked to other board games for inspiration and invented other things just for the game.

They play-tested their game several times to figure out what they forget to think through or what might prove to be too easy or too challenging. Thank you to Electives Teacher Amanda Davis and many students from the school for helping to make the game even better by playing it and providing their feedback.

After a draft was completed, Emily finished her decorations of the game board and the project was done! We hope we can play it again as the school year winds down.