Welcome Brian Chervitz | EYC Teacher’s Corner (Nov 2023)

Nov 16, 2023

This month, we are welcoming Brian Chervitz (pictured in the middle in the above photo), who teaches history and social studies, as well as some English, at EYC Academy starting this year. Brian has previous teaching experience here in Missouri and in Minnesota as a high school social studies teacher. Just last year, he was an instructional designer for the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus, where he worked with faculty to create online courses. We are glad to bring him on the team and utilize both his teaching and design skill sets!

To help introduce Brian to our EYC Community, here is some more information about him:


What do you teach at EYC Academy?

I teach both social studies classes (such as US History, World History, and Geography, among others) as well as English/language arts classes. I love working with students to help them recognize some of the patterns in history that help explain why our society is the way it is.

What have you done in the past and how do you bring that to your work at EYC Academy?

I previously worked as a high school social studies teacher in Clinton, MO right after graduating with my master’s degree during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shortly after, my fiancé and I moved to Minneapolis, MN, where I taught government and world history. I love teaching, but felt like a teacher in a traditional public classroom wasn’t the exact right fit for me. So I later pursued a position in instructional design, which was a wonderful experience! I worked with university faculty to help them create engaging online courses for undergraduate and graduate students. But then I started to miss teaching! So when we moved back to Saint Louis to be closer to both our families, I knew I wanted to find a job teaching again, but not in a standard, traditional classroom. I’m so glad I found EYC Academy and was hired this year!

I’m already leveraging a lot of my previous teaching experience, but the small-group and individualized educational setting here has meant I finally feel like the teacher I’ve wanted to be. I really get to know each of my students so well and can help them learn.

I’ve also been working with other teachers to develop new, custom courses here at EYC to help our students succeed academically, dive deeper into their own interests, and make interdisciplinary connections that aren’t feasible in traditional schools. It’s the kind of job I dreamed of, but never thought would be real!

What attracted you to EYC Academy?

The unique environment and teaching philosophy of the school was what attracted me the most. Focusing on mastery-based learning means that students are celebrated for their learning and effort instead of just seat-time in class. The flexibility at the school allows students’ needs to take priority over traditional teaching methods, especially their social-emotional needs that are integral to their development. Plus, the other teachers here are so incredible and I get to learn from them every day, too!

What do you do in your free time?

I love to read! I’ve finished 44 books this year, so far! I also love to cook and bake, and I’ve been grateful for the positive reviews of a few of the treats I’ve brought to school. I also love spending time with my family and cats, of course, and love trading pet pictures with the staff and students here.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you eat?

Probably a sandwich, since it’s such a versatile food! Breakfast sandwiches, club sandwiches, Philly cheese steaks, Monte Cristos, PB&Js, turkey melts… and depending on your definition of ‘sandwich’, hot dogs, pitas, and tacos are included too! After all, are they not a protein in between two carbs?