Making the Most of May | EYC Tips and Tricks for School Success (Apr 2024)

Apr 24, 2024

As we approach the final stretch of the school year, May presents a golden opportunity for students and parents alike to finish strong and ensure a successful conclusion to the academic journey. With summer beckoning on the horizon, here are some tips to help make the most of this pivotal month.

Find Something to Look Forward To

Electives Teacher Amanda Davis put it succinctly: “Find something to look forward to in everyday!” The last month of the school year usually means motivation can falter a bit. But when students can find a little thing, or a few things, to be excited about each day, that will fuel them to keep moving forward! Maybe it’s painting in Art Teacher Terry Neal’s class. Maybe it’s having a great discussion in their English class with Carly Bussen or Jessica Eftink. Maybe it’s hanging out and laughing with Math Teacher Lynda Yotter or Electives Teacher Amanda Davis.

English Teacher Carly Bussen also suggests to students: “Remember what motivates you, whether it’s a future career, a subject you’re interested in or even the prospect of summer break on the horizon. Keep that in mind as you work towards the end of a school year you can be proud of.” Let’s end this school year strong! We want all of our students one step closer to their goals, their futures, and the things they are excited about.

Set Realistic Goals

Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out the way we want. Sometimes life happens. We want students to set realistic goals for the remainder of the school year, because it’s easier to maintain your effort and motivation when there’s a victory line to cross in sight. Whether it’s improving a grade in a particular subject, completing a challenging project, or asking teachers for help, setting clear and achievable goals can provide motivation and direction.

Director of Education Kathy Michalek has this advice for students: “Stay focused on the end goal. Don’t put off assignments because that adds pressure and stress.” Procrastination is a main reason why goals from earlier in the semester don’t pan out. But by making a little progress every day, those goals can still be feasible. Avoid the extra stress typically associated with the end of the school year. You’ll be happy you took the extra time now to finish an assignment!

Celebrate Achievements

Take time to celebrate achievements, both big and small! We want to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work and effort that our students have put forth throughout the year. In fact, we have a few events in May to celebrate our students’ achievements. First we have our graduation ceremony for our seniors who completed all the required coursework to earn their high school diploma! For those students we are partnering with local school districts, they will earn a diploma issued by their home district, and for those students who call EYC home, they will receive an official high school diploma from us, as well!

On May 15, we will also be hosting a Food Fest! What student doesn’t love food? We have asked our students to bring in a food item for their peers to sample. The dish must connect in some way to a class they are in, and should be safely transported to the school on May 15. We are so excited to see what students will bring!

On May 22, we are celebrating every single students’ accomplishments during our Awards Day. Every student shined this year in their own way, and we wanted to recognize each one’s unique growth. And we’ll have fun and games, and some food, during the day as well. It’ll be so fun!